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Let's improve the use of Regional Funds together

This database of good practice examples for nature conservation measures financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is provided by the SURF Nature Project . The SURF Nature project partnership consists of 14 public bodies from 10 countries in the EU which are responsible for the implementation of ERDF funding or have experience in applying for these funds. The overall objective of the SURF-Nature project is to improve regional policies and practices with regard to promotion and preservation of natural heritage, biodiversity, and nature conservation through improving opportunities for and the impacts of financing these measures from ERDF funds. To achieve this goal, the analysis and communication of good practice is one of the sub-objectives.

This website was developed to exchange experience and knowledge in the field of successful nature conservation project implementation and help to indentify success factors for projects under the five funding themes. The success factors should be transferable into other European regions and therefore this database might assist you in the further development of your project idea and secure the success of your project.

As the project is mainly focusing the funding themes Green Infrastructure, Forest Biodiversity and Risk Prevention, Natura 2000 Management, Environmental Education and Sustainable Tourism these topics serve as the search categories.

In case you are running a successful project and want to share your experiences with interests please click here! We will provide your project on this website to disseminate your experience across the European Union.